About Us

About Us

SRT employs the most elite of officers, from non-commissioned to expert, licensed, Personal Protection officers. All SRT officers receive ongoing training in their field - beyond the requirements of the state - to ensure that their training remains at the highest level and that their skill level remains at its sharpest. Training includes conflict resolution, laws, ethics, firearms, first aid, CPR, surveillance techniques and other pertinent programs. Personal Protection officers receive additional training in areas such as pre-planning formations, evacuations, advance firearms and counter surveillance techniques. SRT Personal Protection officers have extensive backgrounds in personal protection; they come from a group that are special operations trained in military, law enforcement or security. They have both domestic and international experience. SRT Personal Protection officers are selected to provide the principal the best of the best, protecting his/her life and that of their family. SRT officers provide unique approach to protection because they also receive training in victim sensitivity and critical incident stress, allowing them to work more effectively with those in need of protection following a violent incident or traumatic event.



State Certified

Our security officers maintain state certifications and continuous training.

Custom Security Solutions

One size does not fit all. We offer custom solutions and strategic planning for any location.

Cutting-Edge Training

We don't just offer security services. We also train governments, military and other institutions.


Seasoned security training consultants

All of our instructors have a minimum of 10 years experience teaching in various fields and maintain their skills through continuous training in:

Martial Arts, Military Instruction, State/Federal Law Enforcement Instruction, International Law Enforcement Instruction, Military Instruction (All Branches), Private Security Instruction, First Aid/CPR/AED Instruction, College Instruction, Special Ops , Chemical/Biological Warfare, Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing, Explosives (Arm/Disarm), WMD, Critical Response Training, Canine Drug & Search, Personal & Team Defense


Personal Protection 90%
Healthcare Security 94%
Armed Security 85%
Security Consulting 100%
Experience 100%

  • CEO, President

    Earl Portnoy 2

  • CEO, President

    Earl Portnoy