Healthcare & Clinic Security Services

Security Reconnaissance Team Inc. is a full service security company that provides site security, personal protection, investigations, consulting, and special services. SRT Training Academy is a State Certified Training Academy for private security, law enforcement, military, and civilian programs. Every category of site demands specific security needs. Our officers are trained for these specific needs to provide the highest quality  and professional security for our clients.

A hospital or medical facility has its own criteria of security needs. The officers must be customer service oriented dealing with different cultural  backgrounds, and understand the specific functions and problems of a working hospital. Our officers are continuously trained in these areas. SRT’s corporate management is aware of these special needs as well.

SRT Inc:

  • Is familiar with the Joint Commission Requirements
  • Helps with yearly Risk Assessments if required
  • Officers receive continuous training at SRT’s expense
  • Provides help with Emergency Management Plans and Crime Prevention Programs
  • Provide data/statistics and work with the EOC Committee
  • Provides training of hospital staff for Active Shooter and Workplace Violence
  • Has its own State Certified training academy
  • Helps with creation and implementation of policies
  • Developed specific training for ER, ICU, and PACU staff
  • Certifies Security manager in requirements of TXDPS Private Security
  • Officers are required to be certified in ADAPT Basic  Hospital Security Officer
  • Officers are required to certified in FEMA courses
  • Site manager is required to be certified in FEMA ICS courses
  • Works with facilities and their needs

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Why Choose Us

State Certified

Our security officers maintain state certifications and continuous training.

Custom Security Solutions

One size does not fit all. We offer custom solutions and strategic planning for every facility, venue or location.

Cutting-Edge Training

We don't just offer security services. We also train governments, military and other institutions using cutting-edge techniques other security consultants do not leverage.