Personal Protection


Personal Protection / Bodyguard Service

With the continuing escalation of violence globally, the need for personal protection has increased. SRT provides experienced professionals to meet these needs, whether on a long-term basis or for a special event.
A.D.A.P.T.™  Street Survival Program
SRT’s proprietary Applied Defenses And Preventative Tactics are the result of Earl Portnoy’s 30 years’ study of martial arts. A.D.A.P.T.™  is not a fighting system like many martial arts systems, but is a SURVIVAL SYSTEM.



Many corporate CEOs, CFOs and other executive officers find that they benefit from the presence of a personal protection officer. SRT provides experienced professionals to meet these needs, whether on a long-term basis or for a singular event such as:
  • Protection Team
  • Employee Termination
  • Executive Travel
  • Conferences / Conventions

Individual & Family

SRT provides protection to individuals and families. Needs might arise during divorce, local or international travel/vacation, or court appearances or testimony. Individuals also utilize SRT personal protection when engaging in large financial transactions. SRT can provide protection for families without an immediate threat as a preventative action or impart a feeling of security with the knowledge that loved ones are safe. SRT offers simple, immediate protection, or a complete comprehensive detail involving advance work, travel arrangements, baggage pickup, transportation, with a full team of SRT professionals, including a professional driver.

Services include:

  • Divorce process
  • Court appearances
  • Home, Entertainment
  • Financial transactions
  • Travel/vacation



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Why Choose Us

State Certified

Our security officers maintain state certifications and continuous training.

Custom Security Solutions

One size does not fit all. We offer custom solutions and strategic planning for every facility, venue or location.

Cutting-Edge Training

We don't just offer security services. We also train governments, military and other institutions using cutting-edge techniques other security consultants do not leverage.