Expert Security for Religious Facilities

The officers at SRT Inc. that are used to secure Religious Facilities & Events are trained to be sensitive to the special needs of the facility & congregation. SRT will ensure the security of the people in the facility knowing the traditions and procedures of the services on events. This will allow safety without the interruption of religious practices and flow of the event.
  • Full/Part-time Site Security
  • Special Events (Special Services, Weddings, Bar-Mitzvah, Christening)
  • Installation of Clergy
  • Group Travel
  • Site Security and Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Operation Procedures
  • Event Security
  • Training: First Aid, Workplace Violence, Group Travel Safety

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Why Choose Us

State Certified

Our security officers maintain state certifications and continuous training.

Custom Security Solutions

One size does not fit all. We offer custom solutions and strategic planning for every facility, venue or location.

Cutting-Edge Training

We don't just offer security services. We also train governments, military and other institutions using cutting-edge techniques other security consultants do not leverage.