Expert Transportation Security

With the increased risk of theft (both external and internal) expert transportation security is needed now more than ever before. SRT Security, Inc. has experience with load escort and security for companies ranging from small businesses to large international manufacturers securing materials both locally and cross-country. SRT works closely with logistics and insurance to make sure that the transporter is compliant with all DOT and C-TPAT regulations, ensuring safe, fast and uneventful delivery processes.
All transportation escorts employed by SRT Security, Inc. are state-certified officers including the completion of criminal background checks through the Department of Public Safety and the FBI. All transport officers receive continual training through SRT’s training academy with subjects specific to the transportation industry and updated continually on transportation threat levels throughout the country and along all routes. Examples of services provided include:
  • Both armed & unarmed escorts of high value loads throughout the country
  • Visible and invisible tail of drivers transporting loads
  • Inform & instruct drivers of safety & emergency protocol
  • Ensure driver’s DL is current & vehicles are inspected, lawful & road worthy
  • Inspect & log information on transports (ID#, DOT, plates, cab & trailer placards)
  • Inspection of cargo (matching inventory with paperwork)
  • Visual contact is maintained form inspection of cargo to load in process until dooors are sealed
  • Monitoring of all traffic in route, recording & reporting any suspicious vehicles
  • In case of vehicle failure, Security Escort Officer ensures that cargo is not compromised
  • Escort Officers maintain a visual of transporting vehicle until predetermined destination is reached
  • Escort Officers can continue visual until inventory is received and paperwork is signed
  • All log information can be provided to customer upon request.

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Why Choose Us

State Certified

Our security officers maintain state certifications and continuous training.

Custom Security Solutions

One size does not fit all. We offer custom solutions and strategic planning for every facility, venue or location.

Cutting-Edge Training

We don't just offer security services. We also train governments, military and other institutions using cutting-edge techniques other security consultants do not leverage.